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Many journalists love to write travel articles because writing those means getting the chance of visiting different beautiful places and that also for free. That it is a dream job of many writers to write travel articles. The things one should keep in mind while writing travel article:The market of travel writing is quite competitive. There is not a place in this world that has not been written about. Each place in this world has a number of travel reviews. So it is important to write something different than the other writers. You have to keep in mind that you have to write something so that your article stands out among the thousands of articles. Try to think about something that might not have been written no matter how small that is. It may be a local custom or a regional festival or a special cuisine. Include this kind of small but interesting details so that readers are attracted and choose your article among the others.If you are writing for a travel company you have to write in a very positive way about a place. You have to over hype that place in order to attract readers and encourage them to buy a deal with your travel company. But if you are not writing it for a travel company but a travel magazine or as a newspaper article you do not have to absolutely positive. You should obviously write the pros of a place but you should write the cons of that place. This will make your article more genuine. And to make your travels articles authentic you should rely only on firsthand eyewitness and not on travel guide books because you should remember travelers have already read everything there is on the travel guide and travel brochures.One thing that should be maintained while writing travel articles is honesty. Even if you did not have to spend any money for your trip that does not mean that you will write only positive things about that place. Do write the things that travelers should be careful about when they are visiting a particular city so that they do not fall in unnecessary trouble.Some travel magazines also publish pictures with the travel articles. Beautiful pictures of a city attract more readers to read an article. So it can be said that while traveling you can take pictures of the places you have traveled, of the nature of that place, the people of that place and you can also take pictures of the cuisine of that place. So it is advisable that a travel writer should have a good digital camera for this purpose.

Travel Review – We Were Blessed By Visiting Manzanillo, South Of Puerto Vallarta, And Vida Del Mar – Travel reviews

I had some serious doubts about whether my first trip to Mexico would be a success. Now I can report that my first trip to Mexico was fantastic because I found a slice of heaven at Vida del Mar in Manzanillo (Mon-zah-knee-oh).There are apparently some very famous places to vacation in Mexico, not the least of which are Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Acapulco and Cancun. Most of these destinations, to my knowledge, are resort areas with high traffic. Vida del Mar in Manzanillo is not.Manzanillo, like Puerto Vallarta, is on the Pacific Coast, perhaps 150 miles south of Puerto Vallarta as the crow flies.My first impression on landing at Manzanillo’s airport was that it was the smallest airport I have ever been in and also the cleanest. Vida del Mar is not a huge tourist area crawling with young adults looking for drinking holes and social action, but a perfect place for senior citizens to enjoy the beauty of the area in a quiet setting.Vida del Mar is a gated, guarded, closed community of condo owners whose residences sit halfway up a mountainside looking onto a gorgeous bay. There is exactly one road in with a guard on duty 24/7. I felt safer there than in any major metro area in the United States.We were staying with my son’s family in a condo owned by a couple whose children go to the same private Catholic school as my grandson does in Lacey, Washington. Their unit was on the corner of the second floor in 1 of the 13 condo buildings with 3 swimming pools in the development. The units faced south in the middle of well-manicured lawns and lush tropical gardens.I thought sleeping at night might be a problem as the clear, sunny days were hot and there was no air conditioning. Imagine my surprise when night arrived, and we felt the cool breezes off of the Pacific Ocean by leaving our screened in patio doors open.The coastline in Manzanillo lies more east to west than north to south, you can even get sea breezes during the day. Because the condos face south, the air rises up into the neighboring Sierra Madre Mountains, cools off at 14,000 feet, and at night comes gently floating back down to the sea, producing excellent sleeping conditions as the condos are above sea level.Apparently condos at sea level in that area get what most resorts get, very little breeze at night and insects. Sitting high up the mountain is a distinct advantage to the condo owners.Only a few minutes away from Vida del Mar is Club Santiago with the “Beach Club” that most condo owners join. Club Santiago is the most exclusive housing area in Manzanillo, with homes starting at $12 million pesos ($1 million in United States dollars). The beach at Club Santiago reminded me of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.The architecture in Mexico is excellent. There are no wood-frame homes, everything is built in cement, even the cushions for the furniture in the condo had a cement base. The doors have archways that are far superior to our rectangular American construction. The floors are all in tile, again, far superior to our American rugs and laminate wood floors.The Hispanic architectural influence is also efficient, effective and downright utilitarian. Condos are space sensitive and creative use of the space available is a premium. I saw a washer and dryer in a single unit that fit to the inch in the space available within the designated laundry area. It was impressive use of space to say the least.In the United States, everything that is bigger is supposed to be better. Careless and useless wasted space is not nearly as neat and tidy, not to mention just plain more ostentatious. The judicious use of built-ins for storage areas was also efficient, effective and helpful.Vida del Mar also has one of the most romantic restaurants, La Recief, which is located on a cliff high above the Pacific Coast. Looking out to the Pacific Ocean, a halogen light at night beams light out to the waves as they come cascading into the shoreline below. The food is top notch and the servers are performance servers, preparing dishes at your table.Given the choice of any romantic setting at a restaurant that I could find to impress my date, I would take her to La Recief.Outside of the Vida del Mar complex, the local Manzanillo citizens are rarely bilingual, except for some restaurant owners downtown and a few of their servers.On the second floor balcony of the unit, looking out to the surrounding bay, I thought that this is EXACTLY the sort of place that Ernest Hemingway would have retreated to when writing his next novel-low key, secluded, quiet and beautiful.I almost selfishly thought about not writing about my trip to Manzanillo and Vida del Mar as word may get around and then everything that makes it a little slice of heaven might be less so in the coming years. Because Vida del Mar is what it is, I could not restrain myself.Copyright © 2008 Ed Bagley